The WikiHouse Story so far

Alastair Parvin: Architecture for the people by the people - WikiHouse

Since inception in 2011, fourteen WikiHouse chapters have been subsequently set up around the world, which are collectively feeding back experience and improvements.

Our initial aim of WikiHouseAU is to custom design, CNC fabricate and build a WikiShell cabin on the Gold Coast to prove the structural system, adapt to Australian climatic conditions/building codes and to run ‘hands on’ workshops and display. The initial WikiShell (WikiHut) is being prototyped to determine the expected costs, including materials and the CNC routing cutting services (but excluding freight,  land and onsite costs). The ‘ex -factory’ costs for other WikiShells (for WikiPod and WikiPad) will then be extrapolated to meet the varied infill development market in South East Queensland.

Arup Engineers have been involved with the engineering side of the WikiHouse development in London and Arup engineer, Nina Tabink, says

 “Arup believes in the potential of digital fabrication and open sourced technology.”

While Arup’s associate director Adrian Campbell, who was one of the volunteer erectors in London says,

 It was quite refreshing to be hands on for a change – design has been getting further and further away from making, so this gave us new perspectives.”

The Southport High School is an independent public high school, while having the core business of educating school students to year 12, has installed a Computer Numeric Control (CNC) routing workshop/service within the school premises to offer advanced school based  training in CNC technology as well as  providing a cutting/routing service to the wider community.  Students involved will hopefully transition to post school employment opportunities in the CNC industries. The school is excited by the value adding provided by the WikiShac concept by way of workshops, temporary displays and the experience offered to the school community and fraternity as well as the wider community.

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