Workshop program (10-12 ppl max)


Each WikiHouseAU workshop incorporates a wealth of information designed to introduce a person to the WikiHouseAU system and its design principals and methodologies.

Why should I attend a WikiHouseAU workshop?


Attending a locally held annual workshop is an important venue for one to become acquainted and be regularly involved with WikiHouseAU. The learning outcome of attending a workshop is that participate in a ‘hands on’ experience, working together… Read More

Sustainable building


Origen Architects P/L has been continually involved in sustainable architecture for over 25 years (hot link) .  While initially interested in earth shelters, having attended and presented at international conferences in Minnesota, USA, and Berlin, Germany, we… Read More

Who are we?


Graham and Sally Osborne, the principals of Origen Architects Pty Ltd, have over 22 year experience in large scale eco-tourism and sporting facilities.  Recently Sally and Graham have taken up a WikiHouseAU chapter for Australia, to advance an… Read More

The WikiHouseAU Mission


To operate and advance a  chapter within the Australian building industry context and assist clients to procure well designed, cost and material efficient shelters to complement WikiHouse  Foundation Mission WikiHouse Foundation Mission WikiHouse Foundation’s Mission to: Hold… Read More