Background to the Project


WikiHouseAU has entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) partnership with Southport State High School (SSHS), an independent public high school on the Gold Coast. The school will perform the CNC cutting service for the WikiShell ‘breakout’ sheets. The… Read More

Onsite – Floor Section Preparation


The floor cassettes are prepared first in sections that allow for easy lifting by a small group of people. They can be self-assembled DIY with minimum workshop training. They are assembled to form a structure using the simplest… Read More

Design and CNC machine cutting


 WikiHouseAU designs are derived from ‘Open Sourced’ creative commons. Computer Aided Designs (CAD) are converted to CNC (Computer Numeric Control) driver format. CNC cutting provides speed and accuracy in cutting sheet material. The parts are efficiently arranged in cutting… Read More

The WikiHouse Story so far

Alastair Parvin: Architecture for the people by the people - WikiHouse

Since inception in 2011, fourteen WikiHouse chapters have been subsequently set up around the world, which are collectively feeding back experience and improvements. Our initial aim of WikiHouseAU is to custom design, CNC fabricate and build a WikiShell… Read More

We also offer optional value-add services


Design Services Additionally, Origen Architects P/L offer an add-on customised architectural design service on a client architect agreement basis including: sketch planning design development (DA’s Council in conjunction with town planning consultants) working drawings (coordinate RPEQ Eng./BCA certifier… Read More