Workshop Agreement and Liability Waiver


The following  waiver is be down loaded and signed by you (your Guardian) and brought with you on the workshop day  otherwise you will be able to attend. Download: WikiHouseAU-Workshop-Waiver-001

When are the workshops and what do they cost?


The current schedule of workshops for 2015 have been cancelled to allow additional time for testing of new design processes and the completion of construction of the first Australian WikiPod. Check back again soon for new dates.  … Read More

How much does a WikiPod Cost


While the prices of a WikiPod will vary depending on your exact needs and requirements, the pricing below is provided to give an reasonably accurate estimate based on current Australian costings.  All these prices exclude your labour costs…. Read More

What is the WikiVilla


The WikiVilla is an elevated  three room dwelling,  which is highset to benefit from sub-tropical and topical breezes. The main advantage is that the under croft it can be temporarily  used  as open living  and  service areas, just… Read More

What is the WikiPad


The WikiPad is a mid-level entry dwelling, a two room unit, which is ideal for a Granny flat (no loft and stairs for Granny to climb). Some more enterprising Local Councils in South East Queensland are promoting this… Read More