Background to the Project

WikiHouseAU has entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) partnership with Southport State High School (SSHS), an independent public high school on the Gold Coast. The school will perform the CNC cutting service for the WikiShell ‘breakout’ sheets. The school’s Industrial Design & Technology Faculty have embraced Digital Manufacturing to a stage where they now incorporate advanced school based training with a CNC routing workshop/service that operates on the school premises.


While having the core business of educating secondary school students through to year 12, the school has proactively engaged in providing students with learning experiences in CNC technology as well as providing a cutting/routing service to the wider community. The philosophy behind this concept is that students who become involved can transition to post school employment opportunities in the emerging CNC industry.


The school is excited by the value adding provided by the WikiHouseAU concept of workshops, temporary display and the experience that this offers to the school fraternity and the wider community.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Materials

JNL NZ ‘Strandboard’, structural ply and bracing ply in combination are the preferred FSC materials.


WikiHouseAU will partner with you to design and implement elegant solutions for your next shelter needs.  The Origen Architect design team, WikiHouses’ global experience and our personalized service enable us to ensure a good outcome.

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