Tools Needed


Personal protective equipment (PPE)

All construction is dangerous. Always wear hard hats, eye protection, ear protection (malleting gets very loud), gloves, high visibility outfits and steel-capped boots. Where working at height is required, use a harness. Establish a ‘safety first’ culture on site, and encourage the continuous identification of hazards.


Working at height

This assembly requires a limited amount of working at height to complete the roof. Do a risk assessment, and use appropriate stepladder and / or
scaffolding as well as Step Ups to minimise the risk of falling. If in doubt, refer to local Health & Safety regulations.


First Aid

Before commencing, check there is a First Aid kit and appropriate Fire Extinguisher on site, and if possible, identify a qualified first-aider. Make sure
you record important contact and medical information from everyone on site.


Recommended Tools

  • 2 x Step ladders (8ft or 10ft)
  • 1 x Mobile scaffolding
  • 1 x Roof ladder
  • 1 x Large tarpaulin rain cover
  • 5+ Mallets
  • 2+ Electric screwdrivers with as many spare batteries as possible
  • 1x Electric drill
  • 1x Electric jigsaw
  • 1x Hand screw driver (to use as a lever)
  • 1 x Staple gun
  • 4 x Large clamps / ratchet straps


Adhesives for ply to ply connections

Selected wood glue to be specified by Structural Engineer.

Adhesive to be applied in accordance with manufacturer’s guidance, to clean surfaces free from dust.

Glue line to be held with screws or clamps as necessary to ensure full contact of surfaces until adhesive has cured, with minimum number of screws as shown in details.



Steel screws to conform to BS1210, min tensile strength 550N/mm2.

Unless noted otherwise, screws to be 4mm diameter x 40mm long. Screws should be turned, not hammered, into pre-drilled holes of 2mm diameter. The tops of countersunk screws should be no more than 1mm below the surface of the plywood. A non-corrosive lubricant may be used to facilitate insertion.


Steel Brackets

Expamet Light Duty Angle Brackets (60x40x60mm) are required to fi x window and roof light plywood sill and head pieces to chassis frames. 2x brackets for window sills/heads and 4x brackets for every roof light sill/heads are needed.