What is the WikiPad

WikiHouseAU - WikiPad

The WikiPad is a mid-level entry dwelling, a two room unit, which is ideal for a Granny flat (no loft and stairs for Granny to climb). Some more enterprising Local Councils in South East Queensland are promoting this as an alternative to institutionalized aged care. The WikiPad features a separate living and bed rooms with separate bath room, which means that you can still have guests over (mate’s hotel) who can use the bath room. While not an en suite bathroom, but nearly. There is also a small utility space alongside the kitchenette. Again the front threshold can transition to functional outdoor space and the rear threshold host the services as in the WikiPod.  The WikiPad is also suited for family sized eco tourist cabins  as a Kid’s loft space could be built over the  bedroom.


WikiHouseAU – WikiPad

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