What is the WikiVilla

WikiHouseAU - WikiVilla

The WikiVilla is an elevated  three room dwelling,  which is highset to benefit from sub-tropical and topical breezes. The main advantage is that the under croft it can be temporarily  used  as open living  and  service areas, just  like the traditionl Queenslander. The WikiVilla consists of separate living and bedroom with a multi-purpose space for a study/bed or a baby’s room- better to get on with enclosing under as the family arrives! There is a three way bathroom to allow  several people to use the bathroom  and kitchenette as before but with  pantry space.  An additional utility space with   alfresco kitchen , laundry, an extra  toilet and stair are located on the entry platform,  which floats over the existing terrain until the  undercroft is further developed.


WikiHouseAU – WikiVilla

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