Why should I attend a WikiHouseAU workshop?

WikiHouseAU Workshop Morning Session

Attending a locally held annual workshop is an important venue for one to become acquainted and be regularly involved with WikiHouseAU. The learning outcome of attending a workshop is that participate in a ‘hands on’ experience, working together as a team and become familiar with the WikiHouseAU CNC process and concepts, cutting out and the actual assembly of a portal(s) into a WikiPod.

Thereafter the attendees can exchange contact details and then help each other ‘barn raise’ their own WikiHouseAU’s happily ever after!

The Eventbrite calendar to the right of this post will allow you to purchase a ticket and book to attend our Oct 2015 workshops.

As most workshops have limited places and many workshops book out early, you will need to ensure your place by booking paying in advance.

It is anticipated that annual workshops will be held Sept/Oct each year at the Southport High School, Gold Coast. Direction maps can be found on the Eventbrite booking form.

We hope that you may interested to attend a workshop or you may know others in the relevant Councils or friends that could be please let them know.

If you are genuinely interested, or intending to purchase  a WikiShell or WikiHouse  or just to help  ‘barn raise’ a WikiShell then this workshop is for you!

At a WikiHouseAU workshop you can:

  • Join the WikiHouseAU phenomenon!
  • See how the CNC routers are changing the construction industry
  • Experience ‘hands on’ how to assemble your Wikishell
  • Help each other to ‘barn raise’ a WikiShell
  • Training in the assembly of your /friend’s Wikishell
  • Explore a new ways of procuring your shelter needs.

Who should attend:

  •  Anyone that intends on purchasing a WikiHouseAU in the near future
  •  All those exploring or wishing to experience a new way of procuring shelter.

Note: Some lifting and other labour tasks withing WHS guidelines will be performed. 


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