WikiHouse Skylark System

WikiHouse Skylark System


WikiHouse Skylark System one third scale model

 The photo shows a model of a 600mm slice through a typical set up. There are  pre-existing ‘Blocks’ for various floor and wall thickness and differing height wall Blocks and various spans for  traditional pitched roofs. The Blocks come as either flat pack, ‘Ikea’ style, or pre-assembled from the CNC factory to speed up  the site assembly time,  which can as little as three days for a modest cabin.  Price ex-factory Brisbane is available on application (POA). This simple to assemble system suits a ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) approach and with the assistance of fellow ‘barn raisers’ using minimum tools saves time and money.


Internal perspective of the WikiAirbnb

 WikiAirbnb is a compact short stay cabin, which is easily managed and cleaned. It features a single living space  with a loft bed over the bathroom and airlock accessed by a sliding library ladder. A large scenic window faces the view.  The elegance of the Wikihouse Skylark system comes into its own, particularly in pristine environments where there is no heavy machinery and construction noise required and no builder‘s waste to retrieve.

Wikihouseau Cottonwood & Pandanus

Cottonwood 2 bed and Pandanus 1 bed are largely reworked  eco cabins from the 90’s, which were located at the Couran Cove Resort designed by Arkishop (Now Origen Architects), which provide more family style accommodation. They feature  cathedral ceilinged spaces for natural  lighting  and ventilation  and are particularly suited for sub-tropical environments  where  cross ventilation and  upper  exiting of  heated air naturally vents the spaces on most days.  Ceiling fans are optional. The Pandanus features a  loft beds located above the bathroom for a small family fun stay.

Floor plan of the Cottonwood
Ground Floor plan of the Pandanus


View of the WikiPavilion

Apart from the smaller ‘Wikis’ above, more generous WikiHouses can be designed and built (over stages if required). This particular WikiPavilion design features five pavilions arranged in a hierarchy from a ‘public’ pavilion; to two off bedroom and media pavilions, and the central living pavilion.  All pavilions have cathedral ceiling height  variation, which  simplify the roof  geometry so roofs are mainly single sloped. That is, having no  valley or concealed gutters, which is particularly suited for  wet  tropical locations. The pavilion wings can be arranged to suit site and breeze orientation , views and entry points and they can be added over time and with changing circumstances.

Floor plan of the WikiPavilion

Other designs

 We have other tentative housing types and designs; from 3 storey sub-tropical town houses and 2 storey small lot houses. Also  we are working with Aboriginal communities to assist in ‘closing the gap’ in reducing over crowded and provide more appropriate remote housing. These designs are largely site and community specific and will require formal development applications and town planning input/approvals. Coordinated design fee and CNC ex factory POA.