WikiHouseAU is:

WikiHouseAu - WikiPod
  • A flat packed house for ‘Do It Yourself’ assembly for affordability.
  • It is a combination of panel construction (cassettes) and structural ‘elbows’ working as one.
  •  All sheet timber materials are sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) sources.
  • Accurately and efficiently CNC router cut and left in breakout sheets for ease of assembly.
  • Cassette floor, wall and roof elements are assembled with hand tools and an 18v drill/driver gun.
  • Elements and elbow (splines) are ‘barn raised’ using mallets and pegs.
  • A ‘Tiny house’ you can live in now but add to your WikiHouseAU later.

The WikiHouse London Process

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  1. Sounds fantastic. I live in Sydney and want to move to a less populated region in NSW. Are there any houses in this area already built?

  2. Would love all the details to develop accommodation for eco resort on the Mid North Coast NSW.
    MY CONTACT DETAILS :- 0408 204 283